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Tax Relief Services Overview's provides attorney backed tax relief services by A+ rated Better Business Bureau Member partner. CPAs and former IRS agents also aid in the tax resolution process. Unlike other firms, we make no guarantee that you will "settle for pennies on the dollar" because in reality it is rare (but possible).

What Tax Relief Services Are Available?

Here are a few of the Federal and State Tax Relief Offered:

  • Help Filing Unfiled or Past Due Tax Returns (Tax Preparation)
  • Aid Preparing and Submitting an Offer In Compromise
  • Help Setting up an IRS Payment Plan or Installment Agreement
  • Assistance Stopping and Resolve IRS & State Tax Wage Garnishment
  • Resolving an IRS Bank Levy, Social Security Levy & Other Tax Levies
  • Help Resolving 941/940 Payroll Tax Problems
  • Help With IRS or State Tax Letters Received
  • Penalty Abatement or Help Eliminating and Reduce Tax Levies
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Assistance with Audits and Tax Appeals
  • Help with Compliance Issues Such as Reporting and Withholding
  • Help Preparing and Submitting for Uncollectible Status

How Tax Relief Process Works & Why Use Our Service

Here is an overview of how our tax relief process works and why you should use

  • Free Case Review / Consultation - One of our tax partners will review your case and provide you suggestions and options for free with no obligation to use our tax services. During this time, please have any IRS or state IRS Letters or notices handy. This gives us the opportunity to learn more about your financial situation and provides you with answers to any questions that you may have. If we can help, you will receive a cost or fee estimate of what it would take to resolve your tax problems (which you can pay in installments if need be). If we can't help, we will let you know.

  • If You Select Us - If you decide you would like to use the services you will receive a power of attorney tax form so a professional can act on your behalf with the IRS or state. Next, you will be assigned a tax team based on your tax problem as certain professionals are better trained at resolving certain tax problems over others.

  • Filing Compliance - The tax team will first make sure that you are in compliance with IRS or State in terms of your tax filings. Before any type of tax resolution can be obtained, any unfiled tax returns need to be filed. Once filed, with your financial situation taken into consideration, a tax attorney or CPA will make recommendations and provide you with the cost/benefit analysis in order to ensure you concur with the tax resolution actions that will be taken.

  • Finalizing the Tax Relief Process - Once your filings have been accepted and a tax resolution or negotiated settlement has been solidified, your tax problems will be put to rest and you will be able to get the issue off your shoulders. Realize that in many cases, you are provided with a course of action to follow to resolve your tax problems over time (such as with an IRS Payment Plan). As long as you follow our post-resolution guidelines, and stay in compliance in the future, you will keep the tax authorities off your back.

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What To Remember

1. Take Action: IRS & state tax problems should not be ignored. Resolving your tax problems asap can prevent further penalties and interest.

2. Yes, You Can You Resolve Your Tax Problems - Many taxpayers and businesses want to pay less or settle for less than they owe. While this is rare, coming to a resolution is not. The IRS & State want to get you back into compliance and provide taxpayers with different ways to do so.