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Tax Debt Problems We Resolve will provides a wide range of tax resolution services for individuals, married couples, and businesses.

Some of the Tax Problems Helped Resolve or Settle

Below is a list of some of the tax problems resolved with our partner services. While this list does not include every tax problem, it touches on some of the most common issues individuals and businesses face.

  • Unfiled Tax Returns - No settlement, negotiation, or resolution can be completed without filing all of a individual's or businesses's tax problems.

  • Unpaid Taxes / Can't Pay Taxes - Many Americans every year face difficulties in meeting tax obligations. If you are having trouble paying off a balance, we can explore options such as an IRS Payment plan (IRS Installment Agreement)

  • IRS Wage Garnishment or IRS Wage Levies - There is no reason to have the IRS or State take part of your paycheck. If you are currently experiencing wage garnishment or you have received notification that the IRS or State will begin garnishing your wage we can help.

  • IRS or State Bank Levies or Garnishment - Don't let the IRS or State levy our take money without your consent out of your bank account to satisfy unpaid taxes.

  • IRS or State Tax Liens - Facing an IRS tax lien? We can help. The IRS with its fresh-start program has made it easier to remove tax liens since in many cases they hinder a taxpayer's ability to pay back taxes.

  • One Spouse Wrongly Held Responsible for Taxes - Sometimes, after a divorce a spouse could be wrongly held responsible for unpaid taxes because of wrongdoing by one spouse. In this case, innocent spouse relief may be able to help.

  • IRS and State Tax Penalties - In many cases, if you can show "reasonable cause" for not filing or paying taxes, then you can avoid paying tax penalties incurred.

  • 940/941 Payroll Tax Issues - If your business has payroll or withholding tax debts, it is best to handle the situation quickly as the IRS will often times require businesses to sell assets. Furthermore, the person responsible for paying payroll taxes can be assessed a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.

  • IRS Appeals Assistance and Representation - While this is not necessarily a tax problem, some taxpayers want to appeal IRS decisions because of tax problems they have encountered.

  • Other Tax Debt Related Problems - Other tax debt problems related to improper withdrawal or deposits to retirement accounts such as IRAs, and 401ks, as well as other IRS seizures and levies such as a Social Security Levy we can resolve as well. Give us a call if you have a problem not mentioned on this list.

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Some Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Be Proactive: If you think the IRS or State is going to leave you alone when you owe taxes, you are mistaken. Resolving your tax problems now and not later will save you headaches, money, and time in the end.

2. You Can Get a Resolution - Resolving IRS and State tax problems and negotiating a settlement can be a lengthy process sometimes, but nonetheless there is no reason why you can get back into good standing with the IRS or State.